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Different to most classical materials testing procedures, which only can measure macroscopic properties such as mechanical or thermal data, the application of NMR (Nuclear Spin Relaxation) Methods provides access to materials properties on the atomic and molecular level.

Hence, the interaction of molecular chains among each other, and between molecular chains and filler particles, as well as any kind of effects such as cross-linking and aging, that may affect the molecular mobility, can be studied on the molecular level, the level where such effects occur.


Consequently, XLDS-15 and XLDS-15/HT are indispensible tools for following applications:

  • Quick and accurate measurement of physical, chemical and total cross-link density of any tape of rubber, rubber blends and other type of polymers.
  • Real-time study on the molecular level of the Time Course of Curing/Vulcanization
  • Damage Analysis of failing rubber parts in automotive and airplane industry.
  • Investigation of Polymer/Filler Interactions on molecular level.
  • Oxidative, Thermal and Mechanical Aging processes.
  • Micro-structure of polymers such as SBR, BR, etc.
  • Fluorine content in Fluorinated Polymers/Elastomers.
  • Gel content in rubbers.
  • Oil content in rubber compounds.
  • Water or solvent content in ceramic and other non-metallic materials.


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