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The core business of IIC Dr. Kuhn GmbH & Co KG is the production and sales of Nuclear Spin Relaxation measurement devices such as the XLDS-15 and the XLDS-15/HT MK5 (5th Generation), and new developments of applications to rubber and polymer industry.

Both, the XLDS-15 and XLDS-15/HT MK5 (5th Generation) are developed for the highly precise measurement of nuclear spin relaxation times such as T1, T2, T1r, T1D and further NMR specific parameters of hydrogen and fluorine nuclei in solid materials such as rubbers and polymers, as well as fluorinated Elastomers.


They consist of an electromagnet driven by a highly stabilized Magnet Power Supply (MPS), a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Unit with virtually unlimited capabilities for setting up NMR measurements, a fully programmable Temperature Control Unit (TCU) and a latest state of the art computer.


In order to be able to measure sample properties over a wide dynamic range of molecular mobility, the standard versions XLDS-15 allows measurements at sample temperatures of up to 120°C, while the XLDS-15/HT MK5 (5th Generation) version covers a temperature range of up to 200°C.


This allows the study of curing processes and aging of rubbers and polymers at temperatures up to 200°C even at curing and aging conditions.


For measurement setup, data evaluation and statistical data analysis, both systems are using the comprehensive IICAnalysis software package, which includes many different data analysis procedures such as mono- and multi-exponential data analysis, Gaussian-exponential routines, Fouriertransformation, multidimensional and image analysis, and statistical data analysis procedures such as ANOVA, two-sample t-tests, F-tests etc.


Measurement procedures can be easily setup by selection of predefined measurement templates, fully automatic batch measurement sequences, or user defined sequences by means of a graphical measurement scheme user interface for the setup of new experiments.


The entire measurement and data analysis software is freely accessible by user and allows modifications of existing measurement sequences and/or setup of new procedures in a simple and illustrative manner.


Additionally, and based on Dr. Kuhn's many years international experience as Teacher, Visiting Professor and Scientific Consultant in Applied Physics and the development of sophisticated detection systems for engine monitoring and data analysis software, IIC offers consulting services in engineering and scientific projects to industry and R&D organizations worldwide, including lectures and training courses on scientific subjects, project management, and administrative and legal aspects of business.

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