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Elastomers/Polymers (selection)


  • Winfried Kuhn, Fei Zhao, Xingyan Pan, Chunlian Ren, Jian Cui, Ping Zhang, Shugao Zhao
    Silica and Carbon Black Matrix-Filler Interactions in SBR/BR Blends as Studied by NMR Cross-link Density Analysis
    10th Fall Rubber Colloquium (KHK Meeting 2012), Hannover, Germany, 7th-9th November 2012
  • Winfried Kuhn, Fei Zhao, Xingyan Pan, Chunlian Ren, Jian Cui, Ping Zhang, Shugao Zhao
    Characterization of SBR/BR Blends by NMR Cross-link Density Analysis
    13th Intl. Seminar on Elastomers (ISE 2012), Buzios, RJ - Brazil, 17th-19th June 2012
  • Winfried Kuhn
    4th Qingdao Intl. Rubber Plastic Forum, Qingdao, China, 24th-26th Oct. 2008
  • Winfried Kuhn
    Investigation of Molecular Dynamics in Cross-linked Polymers Using NMR Methods - Cross-linking, Aging, Filler-Matrix Interactions
    4th Qingdao Intl. Rubber Plastic Forum, Qingdao, China, 24th-26th Oct. 2008
  • F. Zhao, P. Zhang, S.G. Zhao, J. Yu, W. Kuhn
    Characterization of Elastomeric Networks by NMR Parameters III
    - Influence of Activators on the Network Dynamics of NR Vulcanizates - 

    Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe (KGK) 61, 224-229, 2008
  • F. Zhao, P. Zhang, S. Zhao, Y. Jian, W. Kuhn
    Characterization of Elastomeric Networks by NMR Parameters II
    - Influence of Accelerators on NR Vulcanizates - 

    Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe (KGK) 60, 685-688, 2007
  • F. Zhao, Z. Ping, S. Zhao, Y. Jian, W. Kuhn
    Characterization of Elastomeric Networks by NMR Parameters I
    - Sulfur Cured NR Networks - 

    Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe (KGK) 60, 554-558, 2007
  • M. Fratricova, P. Schwarzer, W. Kuhn
    1H NMR Relaxation Study of Crosslinking and Aging Processes in Polyurethane Coatings
    Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe (KGK) 59, 229-235, 2006
  • F. Grinberg, M. Heidenreich, W. Kuhn
    A new contrast parameter for visualization of the cross-link density in rubber based on the dipolar correlation effect
    Journal of Magetic Resonance 159, 87-91 (2002)
  • Farida Grinberg, Maciej Garbaczyk, Nikolaus Nestle, Winfried Kuhn, Stefan Jurga
    A Novel Approach to the Determination of the Cross-link Density in Rubber Materials using the Dipolar-correlation Effect in Low Magnetic Fields 
    Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 39, 2207-2216 (2001), issue dated September 15, 2001
  • Maciej Garbaczyk, Winfried Kuhn, Jacek Klinowski, Stefan Jurga
    Characterization of Aged Nitrile Rubber Elastomers by NMR Spectroscopy and Microimaging 
    Polymer 43, 3169-3172 (2002)
  • Winfried Kuhn
    Using NMR Techniques for Quality Control of Elastomers 
    Rubber & Plastics News Oct. 16, 49-53 (2000)
  • Winfried Kuhn, Stefan Kelbch
    Quality Control of Rubbers by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques - A New Tool for the Quick and Accurate Measurements of the Crosslink Density
    International Rubber Conf. Proc., IRC 2000 Helsinki, Finland, 12.-15. 6. 2000, p. 119
  • Farida Grinberg, Maciej Garbaczyk, Winfried Kuhn 
    Influence of cross-link density and filler content on segmental dynamics in dry and swollen natural rubbers studied by the NMR dipolar correlation effect 
    Journal of Chemical Physics 111, 11222-11231 (1999)
  • A. Lauenstein, J. Tegenfeldt, W. Kuhn 
    Water Absorption by Polymer Electrolytes Studied by NMR Imaging 
    Macromolecules 31, 3886 (1998)
  • M. Knörgen, U. Heuert, H. Schneider, P. Barth, W. Kuhn
    Spatially Resolved and Integral NMR Investigation of the Aging Process of Carbon Black Filled Natural Rubber 
    Polymer Bulletin 38, 101 (1997)
  • P. Barth, S. Hafner, W. Kuhn
    Magic-Echo Phase-Encoding Solid Imaging of Rubber Materials below the Glass Transition Temperature
    J. Magn. Res., 110, 198-201 (1994)
  • S. Hafner and W. Kuhn
    NMR Imaging of Water Content in the Polymer Matrix of Silicon Chips
    Magnetic Res. Imaging 12, 1075-1078 (1994)
  • W. Kuhn, P. Barth, S. Hafner and G. Simon, H. Schneider 
    Material Properties Imaging of Crosslinked Polymers by NMR 
    Macromolecules 27, 5773-5779 (1994)
  • Winfried Kuhn, Elmar Koeller, Isolde Theis
    Investigation of Aging Processes and Crosslinking in Elastomers by Parameter-Selective NMR Microscopy
    in Magnetic Resonance Microscopy, Eds. B. Blümich, W. Kuhn, VCH Weinheim 1992, pp. 217-235
  • G. Köller, E. Köller, W. Kuhn, F. Moll 
    Protonenresonanz-Mikro-Imaging der Diffusions- und Quellungsvorgänge von Poly(L-, DL-) Lactid-Tabletten
    Die Pharmazeutische Industrie (Pharm. Ind.) 53, 955-958 (1991)
  • W. Kuhn, I. Theis, E. Koeller
    Characterization of Stressed and Crosslinked Polymers by 13C-CP/MAS and NMR Imaging
    in "Advanced Tomographic Imaging Methods for the Analysis of Materials", Materials Research Society Symp. Proc. Vol. 217, pp. 33-43 (1991) Pittsburgh
  • E. Köller, W. Kuhn, G. Dobmann, M. Kröning
    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques (Spectroscopy and Imaging) for the Nondestructive Characterization of Polymeric Materials and Composites
    Proc. 5th Intern. Symp. on Nondestr. Charact. of Materials, 27.-30. 5. 1991, Karuizawa, Japan
  • W. Kuhn, I. Theis, E. Koeller
    Characterization of Stressed and Crosslinked Elastomers by CP/MAS and NMR-Imaging 
    Proc. Materials Research Soc. Conf., Boston 26. - 30. 11. 1990
  • E. Koeller, G. Dobmann, W. Kuhn
    Nondestructive Characterization of Prepregs Ageing using 
    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques

    Research in Nondestructive Evaluation, 2, 187 (1990)



  • M. Szayna, W. Kuhn 
    In vivo and in vitro Investigations of Hydration Effects of Beauty Care Products by High Field MRI and NMR Microscopy
    Journal of Europ. Acad. Dermatol. Venereol. 11, 122 (1998)
  • U. Pschorn, H. Koerperich, L. Heimans, S. Subramanian, W. Kuhn 
    MRI and MRS Studies on the Time Course of Rat Brain Lesions and the Effect of Drug Treatment: Volume Quantification and Characterization of Tissue Heterogeneity by Parameter Selection 
    Magn. Res. Med. 30, 174-182 (1993)
  • Leibfritz, W. Offermann, J. Stelten, F. Koschorrek, A. W. H. Jans, W. Kuhn, S. Soboll 
    In-vitro und In-vivo-NMR-Spektroskopie 
    Nova acta Leopoldina NF 60, Nr. 266, 57-69 (1992)
  • M. Soma, T. Beringhelli, R. Paoletti, M. Asdente, W. Kuhn 
    NMR Microscopy: A New Technique in Atherosclerosis Research
    in "Atherosclerotic Plaques", pp 147-162, Ed. R. W. Wissler, Plenum Press, NY, London 1991
  • W. Kuhn, P. Windeck, M. Staemmler, P. Dejon, J. Mai, K. Gersonde 
    Quantification and Quality Assessment in 31P-in vivo NMR Spectra 
    Eurospin 27, 38-39 (1991)
  • J. M. Pope, H. Rumpel, W. Kuhn, R. Walker, D. Leach, V. Sarafis 
    Applications of Chemical-Shift Selective NMR Microscopy to the Non-Invasive Histochemistry of Plant Materials 
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 9, 357-363 (1991
  • P. W. Lucas, T. K. Lowrey, B. Pereira, V Sarafis, W. Kuhn 
    The Ecology of Mezettia Leptopoda Seeds as Viewed from a Mechanical Perspective 
    Functional Ecology, 5, 545-553 (1991)
  • V. Sarafis, H. Rumpel, J. Pope, W. Kuhn 
    Non Invasive Histochemistry of Plant Materials by Magnetic Resonance Microscopy 
    Protoplasma 159, 70 (1990)
  • W. Kuhn, H. Rumpel, V. Sarafis, J. Pope 
    Fat and Oil Distribution in Cyperus esculentus tubers demonstrated by NMR Microscopy 
    Planta (1990)
  • M. Asdente, L. Pavesi, P. L. Oreste, A. Colombo, W. Kuhn, E. Tremoli 
    Evaluation of Atherosclerotic Lesions Using NMR Microimaging 
    Atherosclerosis 80:3, 245 (1990)
  • M. Asdente, W. Kuhn, P. L. Oreste, L. Pavesi, M. R. Soma, E. Tremoli 
    1H NMR Microimage of Carotid Endarterectomy 
    Phys. Med. 1, 65 (1989)
  • L. Walter, A. Balling, U. Zimmermann, A. Haase, W. Kuhn 
    NMR Imaging of Leaves of Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum L. Plants Grown at High Salinity 
    Planta 178, 524 (1989)
  • C. Küsel, W. Kuhn, J. Sianoudis, L. H. Grimme, D. Leibfritz, A. Mayer 
    15N in vivo NMR Spectroscopic Investigation of Nitrogen Deprived Cell Suspensions of the Green Algae Chlorella Fusca 
    Archives of Microbiology 151, 434 (1989)
  • W. Offermann, W. Kuhn, D. Leibfritz 
    Two Dimensional Time Resolved Contour Representation of Stimulus Experiments on Perfused Rat Heart 
    Magn. Res. Med. 4, 507-516 (1987)


NMR Microscopy, NMR Spectroscopy

  • S. Hafner, P. Barth, W. Kuhn 
    3D Magic-Echo Phase-Encoding Solid Imaging 
    J. Magn. Res., Ser. A, 108, 21-24, (1994)
  • P. Barth, R. Brill, M. Staemmler, W. Kuhn 
    Relaxation Time Analysis and Parameter-Selective Imaging in Materials Research
    in "Magnetic Resonance Microscopy", Eds. B. Blümich, W. Kuhn, VCH Weinheim 1992, pp 85-102
  • H. R. Kalbitzer, G. Rohr, E. Nowak, R. S. Goody, W. Kuhn, H. Zimmermann
    A New High Sensitivity 19F Probe for Labeling Cysteine Groups of Proteins 
    NMR in Biomedicine 5, 347-350 (1992)
  • W. Kuhn 
    NMR Microscopy - Principles, Limits and Applications 
    Angewandte Chemie, Int. Ed. 29, 1 (1990)
  • W. Kuhn 
    NMR Mikroskopie - MR-Bildgebung mit hoher Auflösung 
    MedTech 2, 32 (1990)
  • W. Kuhn, M. Mattingly 
    NMR Microscopy 
    Bruker Report (1987) (Brochure)
  • W. Kuhn, W. Offermann, D. Leibfritz 
    Influence of Off-Resonance Irradiation upon T1 in in vivo Saturation-Transfer 
    J. Magn. Res. 68, 193-197 (1986)
  • G. M. Sontheimer, W. Kuhn, H. R. Kalbitzer
    Observation of Mg2+-ATP and Uncomplexed ATP in Slow Exchange by 31P-NMR at High Magnetic Fields 
    Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 134, 1379 (1986)
  • D. Stromburg, W. Storzer, R. Bohlen, W. Kuhn, G.-V. Röschenthaler 
    Struktur and Synthese eines spirocyclischen Phosphoramid-Ions: Modell für einen Zwischenzustand bei einer SN2 (P)-Reaktion 
    Chemische Berichte 116, 3301 (1983)

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