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2nd IIC/Techwin Seminar

Characterization of Raw Materials

(for Tire Industry)


Shanghai December 14/15, 2017


What to expect from the Seminar

The Seminar is designed to provide a better understanding of the structure and properties of rubbers used for performance tire manufacturing. This goal will be achieved by a set of comprehensive lectures given by experts in rubber science and technology.

Additionally, Laboratory tests using Montech and IIC Rubber Testing Systems will be performed for and by the audience to link practice with theory.

The Seminar is designed to those skilled and experienced individuals who are seeking for more fundamental understanding of processing (flow properties, rheology, extrusion, shaping and molding). In order to facilitate the understanding for interested practitioners, the seminar follows a new concept. The practical demonstration in the laboratory will complement the knowledge gained in the lectures. Thus, the participants will receive validated concepts that deliver not only a high scientific background but also deliver practical guidance with respect to the day-to-day questions in the quality control of the Incoming Goods (raw materials) and   compounding decisions.

By applying the principles outlined in this training course, the participants should be able to take decisions to increase factory productivity, reducing costs and manufacturing defects.


Seminar includes Lectures and Measurements on:

  • Quality criteria for Tire Rubbers
  • Synthesis and Structure - Property Relationships
  • Rubber Filler Interaction
  • Mixing and Properties of Compounds
  • Rheology of Rubber Compounds
  • (Viscosity, Flow Properties, Die Swell, Melt Fracture)
  • Rubber Process Analyzer
  • Quality Control by 1H-NMR Relaxation
  • Storability of Rubber Compounds

Preliminary Seminar Program:


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Morning Session:

9:00      Welcome address by Techwin President Jaime Gong
with brief introduction of Montech Rubber Testing Systems

9:20      Welcome address by Dr. W. Kuhn, Managing Director of IIC
with brief introduction into IIC XLDS-15 System

9:30      Prof. Schuster

10:15    Coffee Break

10:30    Prof. Schuster

12:00    Lunch

Afternoon Session

13:15    Prof. Zhao Fei

14:00    Break

14:05    Prof. Zhao Fei

15:00    Coffee Break

15:15    Dr. W. Kuhn

16:00    Practical tests using Montech and IIC Rubber Testing Systems

18:00    Dinner


Friday, December 15, 2017

9:00      Summary of testing results obtained on 14th December

10:30    Evaluation and Discussion of Results

11:45    Questions & Answers

12:15    Summary of Seminar

12:30    Lunch

13:30    Farewell Address (End of Seminar)


More detailed program is to be announced.


2nd IIC/Techwin Seminar
Characterization of Raw Materials
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