IIC Dr. Kuhn GmbH & Co. KG
IIC Dr. Kuhn GmbH & Co. KG

We also provide contract research and analytical services. 
The areas include:

Materials Science and Quality Control

  • Crosslink Density Measurements of Rubber Samples
  • Investigation of Aging Processes in Rubbers
  • Characterization of the Network Structure of Elastomers
  • Predictive Testing and Damage Analysis
  • Chemical Microscopy using NMR, SIMS, IR, Raman

Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

  • Moisturization of Human Skin by Creams and Ointments using in vivo Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Microscopy
  • Characterization of Cosmetic and Pharmaceutic Creams by Diffusion NMR


  • Performance Tests and Quality Assurance of Medical MRI Systems
  • Application Support in NMR and MRI
  • Project Management and Cost Evaluation
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